Monday, August 17, 2009

Aku Tiki

Those of you old enough to remember will recall a neat little lounge at the Villager on O Street. My folks used to go there back in its heyday. My Mom said "Your father made a fool of himself there". Boy I'd love to have been a fly on the wall then. My in-laws had more happy (ha!) recollections of Aku Tiki.

I don't recall if I've ever been there and I wish I did. The web hasn't been very gracious with even the slightest anecdote from visitors but I'll keep digging. I love the tiki/polynesian scene and wish we had something similiar in Lincoln today.

Thanks to ebay and a seller right here in Lincoln, I can pretend I'm there having a delicious Mai Tai or Sidewinder's Fang in my own mugs specially created for the Aku Tiki back in who-knows-when.


If any of you have a memory of Lincoln's only Tiki bar, please share. Thank you!


Potato. said...

Ho-ly cow. The only remnant of that place I've ever seen online was an ashtray. I can only say that I had not seen these on eBay or we'd both be unknowingly bidding against each other right now.

I'm not old enough, nor have I lived in Lincoln long enough to have ever seen the Villager back then, but I really wanted something from the place just because it's home.

Lucky dog.

Chris said...

Keep looking my friend. It'll happen for you!

Gene said...

You should ask Jim McKee about that place. I'll bet he knows a bunch.

Chris said...

You're right Gene, I never thought of Mr. McKee. I always though of him as more knowledgeable about "important" places in the city and county. But I bet he has some "dirt" about Aku Tiki!

Gene said...

Over on BeerorKid's message board we were having a discussion about an old dance hall. We emailed Jim McKee and he had a ton of information about it.

Potato. said...