Sunday, November 22, 2009

Have I mentioned that I like food?

Mindy grew brussel sprouts this year and we harvested them back on the 15th. That same day I braised them with garlic and wine vinegar served with a quick rigatoni with sweet chicken Italian sausage. I cut the Boy's serving into more managable slices but left mine whole for that more authentic Italian feel. The sprouts were delicious and I hope we can produce more next year. Sprouts have become a favorite in this household and that's a good thing. Tasty!

I tried a Thai recipe from Leela for another quick mid-week meal the other day. I was sure that the Boy wouldn't even touch it. But to my surprise he scarfed it down and asked for more. Khao Na Gai, thai chicken in brown sauce was quick, simple and tasty. Served with some steamed Jasmine rice and julienned scallion, it was delicious. I will gladly make this dish again. The "Spindrift" in the second picture is an awesome drink courtesy of Tiarre.

We went to the Asian market on the west side of North 27th street Friday night and picked up some items for other dishes I'll be trying. They were out of Kaffir lime leaves and I was bummed about that but excited to have taken the Boy with us and he loved walking the packed aisles looking at all the interesting things.

We had guests over the weekend and hopefully we wowed them with food and drink and I will make that the next post.


Gene said...

We've been frying our brussel sprouts in olive oil and tossing them with shredded Parmesan cheese. So easy and so good.

Chris said...

Hell yeah that sounds good Gene. I've got another version that uses pearl onions too, haven't tried it yet.

Gene said...

My wife would probably love that. I'll mention it to her.