Monday, March 1, 2010

Bali H'ai May Call You....

Any night, any day, In your heart, you'll hear it call you: "Come away...Come away." Bali Ha'i will whisper in the wind of the sea: "Here am I, your special island! Come to me, come to me!"

I took the better half to South Pacific at the Lied Center Saturday. It wrapped up her birthday which was earlier this month. If you got the Journal Star last Sunday the 21st, she was the one in the cute pink dress on the cover of the Celebrate section.

South Pacific was great. Great cast, great vocals, great production. It was a thorougly enjoyable performance and the three hours went by fast. I sat there looking at the set with the huge palm tree and rolling beach dunes and the island Bali H'ai in the distance. Really had a longing to get to French Polynesia soon.

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Rev. Dr. Potato. said...

I have an old vinyl pressing from when this first came out (mostly because my GF bought it for me because she saw the awesome '50s tiki designs on the cover) and the songs are pretty good and "tropical." I saw the movie of this and thought that most of the sailors were plenty happy being with that many other guys, even if there is nothing like a dame.. I wanted to go, but $.