Saturday, July 26, 2008

Chicken Satay

I do a simple and tasty satay that even kids like. Make a marinade of chopped green onion, minced garlic, dark brown sugar, lime juice and soy or fish sauce. Try it each way then decide which you like best. I like the fish sauce myself. Cut your chicken thighs or breasts into nice size chunks and put them in the marinade for at least a half hour.

A simple peanut dipping sauce made with chicken stock, creamy peanut butter, one chopped green onion, a little lime juice and some cayenne pepper for zip. You can adjust each ingredient to your liking. Hat tip to Mr. T for suggesting this peanut sauce next time! Awesome!

Skewer the chicken pieces onto soaked skewers and grill over high heat. This quickly cooks the chicken but doesn't dry it out.

I like to serve this with fresh melon and basmati rice with golden raisins, cinnamon and turmeric.


Mr. T said...

Dude, looks great! I will have to hunt you down one day and grab these tasty morsels off your grill.

Rasa Malaysia has a good recipe for peanut sauce.

Chris said...

That looks awesome. Gonna try that next time. Thanks Mr. T.