Friday, February 27, 2009

New posts this weekend..

I've got some posts coming this weekend. Been doing research on Karnataka state in India. India's food is very regional as most anywhere in the world. I find it fascinating. If I could spend equal time in India and Italy, I'd be a really happy guy.

Anyway, I'm working on some dishes that aren't on the menu at The Oven or Taj Mahal. As a kid my Mom used to make a lentil dish that was out of this world. So I've taken a keen interest in Dal dishes. Mmm good!

Last week I made roti twice and I know what you're saying. "Sheesh how easy". I'm going to go all out with a paneer puri and a gobi paratha. Maybe a paneer kulcha also. I do loves me some cheese and bread.

Thank you loyal readers for visiting, nummy stuff coming!


Beerorkid said...

looks good. Reminds me of papusas.

the DISH said...

loving the indian food posts. Also a favorite cuisine of mine.