Friday, June 19, 2009

Ready for summer?

After last night's rain, our tank is over 175 gallons. The potted plants and vegetables should be okay for awhile when the really hot temps get here. It would be nice if we didn't see any 98,99 or 100's this summer but I highly doubt it.

We put chicken wire all around our veg garden after the rabbits started getting the peas. And in a weird blackhole/twilight zone kind of way, we've not seen one of the little furry buggers since. Guess they migrated to easier pickings. Goodbye and good riddance!


Karin Dalziel said...

Your backyard is great - I would love to see more pictures. We just got a house with a blank slate backyard- still pondering what to do with it.

Chris said...

Thanks Karin! My advice is to wait one year before you commit to a plan. We drew up designs and plans that changed a few times before we started digging. There are still a couple areas we'd like to change.