Sunday, June 7, 2009

What's that saying about too much of something?

Pork, pork and more pork. It seems to be a recurring theme here lately. Could be that it's so easy to prepare and so damn good to eat. We've been trying a lot of different jerk variations and they've all been really good. Over the past week and a half we've done chops and two loins. I was given a bag of vidalia onions a while back and we've been thick slicing them and grilling them along with the main dish. The sugars in these onions are fantastic when grilled, I recommend them. Even raw on a nice burger, they are killer.
Yesterday I had a request for the garlic/rosemary pork again so I prepped it this morning and then slow cooked it a little over two hours. The boy doesn't like the "spice" but his Mom and I sure love it.