Sunday, September 13, 2009

Disgusting yet so tasty

A Reuben for your consideration. How does something that looks this gross taste so darn good? I'd weigh three hundred pounds if I ate as many of these as I wanted. I tried to find some "Russian dressing" but resorted to standard Thousand Island. Anyone seen "Russian" dressing anywhere in town? I'd like to experiment next time. Different bread, different dressing but still use the basics. Corned beef, swiss cheese and Frank's kraut.

I remember my first Reuben at the Bombay Bicyle Club on Dodge Street. Do you suppose it really was created in Omaha? We'll never know for sure I guess but I like to think it was.

It sure makes a tasty lunch on a Saturday afternoon.


Boomer said...

I've never seen Russian Dressing here in LNK. What kind corned beef do you use? I love Reubens but have never made them at home. I ate at Bison Witches downtown a few weeks ago and tried their was very good.

Chris said...

Hey Boomer, I use Kretschmar top round corned beef.

You should try them at home, easy to do!

I had a garlic pickle and some cherry peppers on the side.

Dixon said...

I recommend trying out the Rueben sandwich made with homemade corned beef from TwoTwin's Cafe on Cotner. Tried out the place for the first time last week. I'll be back.