Sunday, September 27, 2009

Squash? Silly name for a sport and a drink..

I wonder why and who decided that smacking a soft rubber ball against a wall should be called "squash"? And who decided that a sweetened or unsweetened fruit-based concentrate when mixed with water or seltzer would be a drink named "squash"?

I'll just stick to those tasty ones that come out of the garden. I tried playing squash when I was a kid. It was good exercise but I never really got hooked by it. Meh!

So I made an herbed butter, shoved it under the skin of a whole chicken, roasted it on the grill and served it with more late summer veggies from the garden.

Also had another shrimp curry that I changed up the ingredients a little. Very tasty with a minced red chili pepper added to the onion and celery. I reduced the amount of tomato this time and was very happy with the overall result.


Potato. said...

FYI, I finally won an Aku Tiki mug, so thanks again for the heads-up and keeping me in mind.

Chris said...

You paid a good price, congrats! Did you see the Steven Crane Kon Tiki Ports mug go? $63.99!! WOW!