Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Winter Solstice

Yesterday was the last official day of fall but looks can be deceiving can't they. The weather actually wasn't that bad except for the north wind. The Boy received some snow pants from his Grandma so we bundled up and played in the snow. If the weather forecast holds true, next Saturday might be a good day for sledding at Pioneers Park.
If we have a long cold winter requiring a lot of couch time, I have the perfect thing for you. The Amazon fairy brought me Stephen King's new book. It's a Christmas gift for Miss Mindy but I'll read it when she's done. I read the first few pages and I'm hooked already (poor woodchuck). We love SK at the West A house and the bookcases are full of his work.
Saturday I asked which dish I should use my fresh batch of paneer on and a biryani was chosen. I like this dish a lot however I wish I'd fried the paneer cubes a little more than I did. They were tasty little morsels though. I browsed through some of my cookbooks and found a cauliflower dish with tomato and onion that sounded good. The Boy wouldn't eat it but I gave him credit for trying it at least. I simmered the florets in a puree of onion and ginger, two finely chopped tomatoes, one minced green chili, six minced garlic cloves. All the aromatics in the rice and the veggies made the house smell fantastic.
Yesterday was decent enough I shoveled the snow away from the grill and made burgers. It smelled like summer!

Have a good week everyone.


the DISH said...

read the shining for the first time a few months ago...super...scary. stephen king is a really good writer, it was first book of his that I had read. You should check out the selection at "a novel idea" they had tons of sk.

Mr. T said...

Have you read "The Road" yet by Cormac McCarthy? I just realized that you sound like the father in that book (with references to "the boy") heh.

Rajani said...

hi chris, thanks for dropping by and your kind words :)