Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hey, how are you?

Well that was an interesting Holiday Season wasn't it? I don't mind snow, I have a snowblower. It might get warm enough today to get some more white stuff off the end of our driveway. How about the frost the last couple of days? Wasn't it beautiful! Went for a drive this morning and took a few pictures. Saw wild turkeys, hawks and lots of critter tracks.
Now that the holidays are over, we can get back to cooking and trying new things. The last couple of weeks we've enjoyed old favorites. Palak paneer, pecan crusted tenderloin with sweet red onion marmalade, pork quesadillas and quite a few chicken dishes. The cold weather called for wholesome comfort food, especially after a day of sledding!
The month is half over but I want to wish you all a very happy and healthy New Year!


the DISH said...

the palak paneer looks great. It always seems like one of us is making indian food when the other one isn't. ha! now it's my turn.

Chris said...

And you go and make jalfrezi! Mmmm!

Mr. T said...

Nice pics! Maybe you have posted this before, but what exactly is your recipe for palak paneer? I know how the cheese can be made, but what about the Spinach curry?