Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunshine on my shoulder, WOULD make me happy....

Talk about your Seattle like weather today. I thought it was supposed to be cruddy Saturday but it was beautiful. I hope you got to enjoy the weekend anyway.  Yesterday I worked till noon, forced the family to help me grocery shop, put 2 coats of polyurethane on some baseboard trim that we finally purchased (we've declared 2010, Year of The House).  I'll document the new pre-hung front door when that project happens. I laid in our new hammock for a bit in the sun, very nice and I was almost asleep when either a dog or The Boy ran past and whacked me! All in good fun of course. (Shakes fist in general direction)

Today the missus did her weekend cleaning she likes to do (stress relief). We walked to Coddington Market hardware store and purchased a load of veggies that she then planted in the mist/rain.  If just one of the tomato plants produces well this year, I'll be happy. Should be some garden activity in a few weeks/months.

Had some tasty eats this past week, smoked pork loin (leftovers for pork chili, hat tip to The Dish), low and slow barbecued chicken thighs (a repeat, and much better this time) and spicy grilled pork and mango kebabs.  The kebabs were the winner, dry rub of chili powder, cumin, oregano, granulated garlic.  Toss the cubed pork with olive oil, them sprinkle the rub on and toss well again.  Getting decent mango chunks proved tougher than expected as my mangoes were too ripe, dang good but too ripe.  The fruit wanted to fall apart on the grill but turned out really tasty.  Have to try that one again soon.  The final dish was served with a reduction of orange and lime juices, some honey and a bit of salt. 

Yes, I eat a lot of broccoli!

Have a great week everybody!


the DISH said...

hahaha...yeah I also eat a lot of broccoli. that rub sounds delicious, will have to try it when the weather finally clears up.

Robert said...

Hey Chris! Thought I'd visit your blog! Those look like great meals! The pork loin looks amazing!

Chris said...

Thanks for the comments as always Dish! Hope your kitchen is coming along.

Robert, thank you for visiting too, I put a link to tikitower in my blog roll if you don't mind.

Robert said...

How could I mind! Thanks for the Tiki Tower shout out too!