Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tiki Tower

Please visit TikiTower if you can. If you see something you like, buy it!!  I did.  I get no kickbacks from Robert but I sure got a kick out of the artwork he did, mounted on a solid slab of wood all tiki style.  "Cosmo at the Moon Palace" is going up on the wall as soon as I get home from work (night shift boo hiss).  

His artwork is digital, put down one layer at a time from the background to the foreground.  Very cool stuff and a very cool process.

I'd love my backyard to look like this one day although I probably won't have the chimp and snake! Eeeek!!  Now if we can just get a hybrid palm tree to survive Nebraska winters I'll be set.


Rev. Dr. Potato. said...

Is this guy local, or a friend you picked up along the tiki way? I've seen you on the Tiki Central boards, so I'm sure you're making some pals. I don't have much to say there, so I just lurk. My collection is stagnating a bit except my girlfriend's mother is buying me the entire Trader Vic's collection. Not going to complain. And, I was given my first SHAG painting for my birthday. Pretty excited. It's definitely put me back in the tiki mood, so I thought I'd stop by and say Hello and see if you've built a tropical tiki paradise in your backyard yet.

Chris said...

Yep he's in Florida, saw his stuff on TC. You'll have to post some pics of the Trader's stuff, how cool and thoughtful of your lady's Mom.

Haven't started on the backyard oasis yet, doing siding and paint on the house next week actually.

Rev. Dr. Potato. said...

I know... My mugs are still packed from the move. I don't have anywhere to put them where the cat won't break them, so they're safer in boxes for now. I doubt my collection is anywhere near yours, but it'll grow steadily. Good luck on the house this weekend.

Rev. Dr. Potato. said...

Sorry for putting this here. I don't know any other way to send you something. I got an itch last night that we all need to support the Mt Fuji more often and hopefully actually make a (probably small) tiki event in Nebraska. If it turns out there are enough of us, it could be a fun, crazy night of tiki.