Friday, May 30, 2008

Grilled Salmon with Balsamic Glaze

So we eat a lot of salmon here. Usually marinated or rubbed with a dry spice mix.

Thought I'd try a glaze this time. Balsamic, dry white wine, lemon juice and dark brown sugar reduced down until it became a syrup. A pinch of kosher salt and and two twists on the pepper mill and it was done.

Brushed the fish with olive oil and seasoned with kosher salt and pepper. On the Weber they went.

It looks kind of strange with the glaze drizzled on. But it sure was tasty!


Beerorkid said...

Balsamic has a really powerful flavor. We have tried to use it in our dishes, but it usually overpowers. I guess I need to learn restraint. It works really well in Theresa's bruchetta though.

Nice to see you using charcoal.

Chris said...

Got me a Weber this year and I'm really liking it. Going to jerk a whole chicken soon, then try a whole turkey.

Gene said...

I'm not traditionally a big fan of salmon, but maybe I need to try this and give it another chance.

Chris said...

Gene, I used to hate salmon. Always seemed fishy. A good flavorful marinade might just make you a fan.