Sunday, June 8, 2008

Vietnamese Pulled Pork on the Weber

Sunday I tried a recipe I'd found on the web. Most folks have had North Carolina pulled pork so I thought this would be a nice twist.

Used a boneless 5 pound pork shoulder that was conveniently split in half. Gave both halves a nice rub with Five Spice powder, black pepper, kosher salt, dark brown sugar and a little cayenne. Wrapped both in plastic wrap and put in the fridge Saturday morning.

Sunday morning I started a large load of charcoal and at 10 am, put the meat on the Weber.
I anticipated cooking them until 5 pm. So in the meantime I made the basting sauce and the finishing sauce.

The basting sauce was a simple 5 minute simmer reduction of rice wine, 5 Spice powder, chicken stock, dark brown sugar, fish sauce (Anchovy), black pepper and a quarter teaspoon cayenne. I basted the pork half way through the cooking time and then halfway again.

The finishing sauce was a bit complex but not too bad. First, I made a bittersweet caramel sauce. Sugar and water, that's it. This caramel sauce is a staple in Vietnamese dishes. I have to admit I ruined my first attempt as the heat was too high. Here's the second attempt.

Next, into the food processor went lemongrass, garlic, and shallots. This went into the frying pan with some canola oil. After a bit I added fish sauce, some of the caramel sauce, black pepper and minced Thai chili peppers. Simmered it all for a bit then reduced it with some chicken stock. The house was filled with exotic smells! I forgot to take a picture of the finishing sauce but look for it on the finished sandwich.
The pork basically fell apart which is what you'd like for a pulled pork. Nice spicy crust, moist tender inside.
Mmm, mmm good!


Beerorkid said...

interesting mix of seasoning. I am pretty stuck in the misty's seasonings. Must try new ways sometime.

Chris said...

I can't decide which way to go with the next pulled pork. I'm thinking South Carolina with a spicy mustard sauce.