Sunday, May 17, 2009

Nectar of the Gods

So you might have noticed I'm on a rum kick lately. I've really taken a shine to Hemingway's favorite spirit. Having suffered through some bad drinks made with horrendous product, I thought I'd read up on the subject and do some delicious taste testing at home.

Most of us know about or have heard of Bacardi Rum's. Did you know they were Cuban originally? I did not. Truthfully, if it wasn't superpremium tequila, I didn't care much about the sugar spirit. But after a sip of a 12 year old rum from Guyanna I was hooked.

Anyways, I read up on how the Bacardi family fled Cuba after Castro's little party in 1959 and how the distillery was nationalized. The rum from Cuba is now called Havana Club and is considered some of the best rum in the world. I did some looking around and managed to score a couple bottles. I'd have to agree, the rum from Cuba is superb. The blanco is a great mixer and the special has a wonderful aroma and flavor that reminds me of brandy.

Don't rat me out!


jwiltshire said...

Have you tried cachaça? It's a Brazilian variant distilled from raw sugar cane, versus rum which is actually distilled from molasses. Quite tasty, and you can use it to mix up caipirinhas, a fantastic summer drink. The only two brands available in the states that are worthwhile are Leblon and Agua Luca, with the Leblon being a little better. Avoid the Ypioca brand.

This has been today's cachaça lesson.

Chris said...

It's on my want list. I have a superb Mt. Gay from Barbados that's distilled straight from sugar cane instead of the usual molasses. I wonder how it will stack up against the Brazilian bombshell! Sounds like a taste test challenge.

I've been looking at Cabana, Pitu and Sagatiba as well as the brands you mentioned, thanks for the tip.