Saturday, August 14, 2010

All Spiffed Up

After replacing the siding, we shot new paint on and brush painted the trim and windows.  It's a damn big yellow house! 

Before:  Polished Oak with Hunter Green Trim

After: Quiet Veranda with Fossil Butte trim and Vanilla Milkshake shutters.

Thanks for stopping by!


Mr. T said...

Congratulations on the new look! A definite improvement. Now take the day off and relax!

Mr. T said...

Off topic, but you wouldn't happen to know where one can find FRESH anchovies or sardines in town do you? Not the super salted canned or jarred ones, but FRESH ones?

Chris said...

I would check with Surf and Turf on South 48th. If they don't have them, they might be able to get some in for you.

Have you checked with Ideal, Leon's and Open Harvest?

Mr. T said...

Hmmm, it never occurred to me to go there (Surf and Turf). I was over in that section of town earlier today. Perhaps I will stop by next weekend.

My plan is to make some pan fried and roasted chicken quarters tonight with rice. First time I'm trying this recipe. Hope it works!