Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday Dinner

I had a request for a pulled pork with a Mexican twist that I make now and then.

Get yourself a nice 2 to 3 pound Boston Butt or nicely marbled hunk o' pork. Brown it on all sides in a little oil and remove. Saute some yellow onion and garlic in the same pot and when they're almost done add cumin powder or seeds (I use seeds), chili powder and Mexican oregano and bay leaves. Cook this a bit and then it's time for the heat! I blend up three or four whole chipotles and slide that into the onion mixture and cook it a bit more.

Put the pork back in the pot, cover it with water and cook it on medium for three hours. It will pull apart with your fingers at this point. But here is where I deviate from a true Carnitas recipe. I don't braise or roast the meat at this point to get the carmelization on some of the meat. I've waited three hours, I want to eat it now!

The leftovers are even better.


woosk said...

yeah pretty sure im coming to your place for din din from now on

Chris said...


Beerorkid said...

home made guac?

Looks awesome. I wish I could get the misses to be a bit more adventurous. :(

Chris said...

yep home made, i blended it a bit too much this time. usually like it a bit chunkier. avocado, garlic, onion, tomato, cilantro, lime juice and a dash of chipotle hot sauce.