Sunday, March 8, 2009

Don't photograph on a green placemat....

Shrimp curry for dinner tonite. I neglected to take pictures of the shrimp before I tucked them into the gravy. Next time swears! Got some 21/25 jumbo's from Leon's. Peeled them, removed the veins and gave them a little rinse. Toss the shrimp with the zest of one orange, salt, curry powder and black pepper.

Saute the shrimp in a little oil till they just turn white. Set them aside on a plate and toss a chopped onion and two chopped celery ribs into the same pan. Add more curry powder, a touch of garam masala and some oregano, fresh or dried. Dried will be way more intense.

When the onion mixture is ready (onions translucent), add the orange juice and two puréed tomatoes to the pan. Simmer this till it becomes thicker, slide the shrimp back in and let them come back up in temp. A healthy dose of plain yogurt goes in next along with more zest and the dish is done.

Oh and remember, hunter green placemats don't photograph well!

Have a good week everyone!


Beerorkid said...

you get the placemat from BB&B? looks like the ones we have.

Chris said...

I think so, I spend way too much at that place.