Saturday, April 25, 2009

Party at BorK's place!

Thanks for the beer and bacon Steve and Theresa! I was only there a short time but I had a good time. The new kitchen is awesome, gotta get me one of them sinks. The counter and cabinet space is great.
I got to meet Lynda from, she's pretty cool! I'm bummed I missed some of our other Lincoln web personalities, maybe next time. I hope everyone that went had as good a time as I did. Loved the beer tap right through the fridge door!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Jerk Pork

Whipped up a spicy jerk marinade for a pork loin. Onion, green onion, ginger, fresh thyme, lemon juice, soy sauce, olive oil, a whole habanero (might grow some scotch bonnets this year), nutmeg, allspice, cinnamon, salt and black pepper. Puree in the food processor then cover the pork loin and refrigerate for six hours.

I loaded the grill up with hickory and indirectly cooked the loin for an hour and a half. Tented the loin with foil and let it rest for ten to fifteen minutes.

Nicely flavored with a good bit of zip from another one of those orange fireballs I grew in the garden last year. Served with a small salad and some red pepper cilantro basmati rice.
Looks to be a great week for grilling. Have a great week everyone!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Stupid camera....I miss Chicago already..

When I turn the flash off, it deactivates the image stabilization. Every dang picture I took in downtown Chicago was blurred. Me mad!

Chicago was great, wish I was still there. Wednesday night we skipped the scheduled company event (hockey game) because my companion wanted to eat at Ditka's downtown. I didn't mind, we were half a block from Michigan Avenue, the city was alive and "the John" awaited us after dinner.

My companion had a strip steak, I enjoyed a nice piece of bone-in prime rib with one of the best sweet/spicy peppercorn crusts I've had. If you like beef, sports and eye candy, this place is for you.

Outside Ditka's a guy was having trouble with his car.....

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

That same old place, Sweet Home Chicago

Hello from Oak Brook Illinois. Here for a three day training school for work. Had a chance to eat on my own last night before having to eat at the hotel for the next two days.

Volare was very good. I had a ricotta gnocchi with parma ham and peas in a superb parmesian cheese sauce. My companion had grilled salmon, sauteed spinach with garlic and a nice little polenta cake.

I forgot a cord to take the pictures off the phone as I forgot the good camera. Err!