Friday, June 8, 2012

Toys?? In the attic.....

We leave our thermostat set at 78 in the winter and the summer.  In the summer when it's 90 degrees or more, the air conditioner runs well into the late night hours until the attic temperatures go down.  I crawled up there a while back and was surprised to see about 6 inches of insulation up there.  

I called around and folks told me I should have a minimum of 10 to 12 inches which meets the minimum code for a R-38 insulation value.   

I had Krieser Insulation blow in what looks to be nearly two feet more in to my attic this morning.  If I remember correctly what the owner said on the phone, I should now have an R value of 50.  Two of my neighbors have done this too and one say's he's saving $1200 a year on gas and electricity.  WOW!  

I have the house opened up today and will be watching the thermostat closely!  

The Krieser guys were right on time and did the work fast with minimal mess.  Thanks Krieser Insulation! 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Aku Tiki Room

Friday, the postman delivered some new tiki art to the West A house.  I had Robert make this piece for me, with some of my favorite elements of the tiki style.  Gruesome carved tiki idol, fish float lamps lit by a huge moon, a sliver of light emanating from a distant A Frame thatched hut.  You can almost here the waves crashing the cliffs below. Perfect!  

I have been working on an area in my basement for about three years now.  I keep trying to add layers upon layers of things to feast your eyes on.  I have some matting not put up yet and my stock of bamboo is getting pretty good.  I call my space the "Aku Tiki Room" in a nod to the only tiki bar/lounge ever here in Lincoln.  I know it's not a very creative name but it's tribute to the past and I like it.