Sunday, June 3, 2012

Aku Tiki Room

Friday, the postman delivered some new tiki art to the West A house.  I had Robert make this piece for me, with some of my favorite elements of the tiki style.  Gruesome carved tiki idol, fish float lamps lit by a huge moon, a sliver of light emanating from a distant A Frame thatched hut.  You can almost here the waves crashing the cliffs below. Perfect!  

I have been working on an area in my basement for about three years now.  I keep trying to add layers upon layers of things to feast your eyes on.  I have some matting not put up yet and my stock of bamboo is getting pretty good.  I call my space the "Aku Tiki Room" in a nod to the only tiki bar/lounge ever here in Lincoln.  I know it's not a very creative name but it's tribute to the past and I like it.  

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Mr. T said...

Dude, that is a tiki shrine. I'm a little frightened by your obsession. ;)