Sunday, July 8, 2012

Holiday week is over. (Finally!)

I'm almost looking forward to going back to work, almost. I hope everyone enjoyed whatever activities they participated in over the last week. We started off with a trip to the family lake house last weekend. Alex wanted nothing else but to ride and drive the ATV. I held him at 3rd gear and 15 miles per hour!

We went into North Bend and got some chain, a hitch pin and some other items. My Mom has a drag harrow and we rigged it up to drag the beach. It looked pretty good after repeated passes with the harrow spikes pointing down. We're still trying to find the right combination to make the beach smooth and grass/weed free. We don't spray the grass or weeds with pesticides or herbicides as they'll end up in the lake where we swim. 

After two days at the lake we headed back to Lincoln. I worked two days and then was off the rest of the week. We next went to Seward for our annual 4th of July celebration at my Mother-in-laws. This 4th of July marks 25 years that my wonderful wife and I have been with each other. I am very lucky! We watched Alex light off his fireworks on July 3rd and we went back on the 4th for Seward's public firework display. It was pretty good even if it ended poorly compared to years past. 

While we were in Seward on the 3rd, we honored Pete's request to spread some of his ashes along the railroad tracks at the depot where he worked for so many years.  

Have a good week everyone and keep cool. 

Friday, June 8, 2012

Toys?? In the attic.....

We leave our thermostat set at 78 in the winter and the summer.  In the summer when it's 90 degrees or more, the air conditioner runs well into the late night hours until the attic temperatures go down.  I crawled up there a while back and was surprised to see about 6 inches of insulation up there.  

I called around and folks told me I should have a minimum of 10 to 12 inches which meets the minimum code for a R-38 insulation value.   

I had Krieser Insulation blow in what looks to be nearly two feet more in to my attic this morning.  If I remember correctly what the owner said on the phone, I should now have an R value of 50.  Two of my neighbors have done this too and one say's he's saving $1200 a year on gas and electricity.  WOW!  

I have the house opened up today and will be watching the thermostat closely!  

The Krieser guys were right on time and did the work fast with minimal mess.  Thanks Krieser Insulation! 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Aku Tiki Room

Friday, the postman delivered some new tiki art to the West A house.  I had Robert make this piece for me, with some of my favorite elements of the tiki style.  Gruesome carved tiki idol, fish float lamps lit by a huge moon, a sliver of light emanating from a distant A Frame thatched hut.  You can almost here the waves crashing the cliffs below. Perfect!  

I have been working on an area in my basement for about three years now.  I keep trying to add layers upon layers of things to feast your eyes on.  I have some matting not put up yet and my stock of bamboo is getting pretty good.  I call my space the "Aku Tiki Room" in a nod to the only tiki bar/lounge ever here in Lincoln.  I know it's not a very creative name but it's tribute to the past and I like it.  

Monday, May 21, 2012

The lilies are looking good

My wife loves lilies, I like the Tiger and Asiatic best.  Nirak, I am marking my calendar for this fall so I can ask you for real this time if you'd like to come and get some.

I hope everyone had a good Monday, the Missus and I had the day off. Did more yard work, exterior house work and had lunch at The Oven. We hit Leon's afterwards got a bunch of goodies we never see at Russ's.  

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Have you seen my ducky?

Lilly will be one year old soon.  She is something else, what that is I don't know.  Today she attacked the broom I was using to clean off the slab we put our pool on.  She absolutely hates the gas trimmer/edger and tries to bite the end while it's spinning.  Crazy dog!

She has the most expressive face.  Her ears are always moving and she wrinkles her forehead like no other boxer we've ever had.  I'm looking forward to many many years with little Lilly Pad.  

Friday, May 18, 2012

It should come as no surprise...

Here I am, I haven't forgotten what I started for no reason other than to be like so many others.  But I experienced a massive case of burnout.  I just didn't have the gumption to sit down, think about what I should say, take pictures of what I wanted to show you, edit the photos, and then plop it all down here.  

The main reason is that my Father in law was really sick the last two years and he lost his fight with acute lymphoblastic leukemia on September 21st.  Having no father figure in my life nor Grandfather for my son is something I'm having a hard time adjusting to.  Father's Day is coming up and it's another one of those "Firsts" that our family has to get past to get back to some attempt at normalcy.  

We knew how the leukemia would turn out but coupled with both of our dogs dying in late 2010, I was shell shocked to say the least in 2011.  Hell, we all were.  

The West A house trudged along and we're keeping our chins up.  It's all you can do when life kicks you where the sun doesn't shine! 

We did get a new boxer pup, Lilly six months ago.  She has brought laughter and joy back while still being a handful; as all Boxers are.  Today she escaped the backyard and I don't know how yet.  Thankfully I was in the front yard and she just wanted to be with me.    

I am sorry to those of you who may have enjoyed seeing what I was doing and then I left you hanging.  I am back and I will post.  Here and on that tumblr thingy. 

Have a great weekend!