Tuesday, April 7, 2009

That same old place, Sweet Home Chicago

Hello from Oak Brook Illinois. Here for a three day training school for work. Had a chance to eat on my own last night before having to eat at the hotel for the next two days.

Volare was very good. I had a ricotta gnocchi with parma ham and peas in a superb parmesian cheese sauce. My companion had grilled salmon, sauteed spinach with garlic and a nice little polenta cake.

I forgot a cord to take the pictures off the phone as I forgot the good camera. Err!


the DISH said...

restaurant looks pretty tasty. I'm a pretty big fan of squid ink risotto.

Chris said...

I saw that but passed. Couldn't talk my companion into any seafood. And I love squid and octopus.

Mr. T said...

I'd love to go to Chicago on a short break. Haven't been there in years. Enjoy a White Castle for me while you are there.

Chris said...

Hey Mr.T, no WC for me, they are being outnumbered by the "Steak and Shake" up here. About one on every corner. Although there is a tremendous amount of closed businesses here. Sad.

Hotel food has been pretty good actually. Going downtown tonight for another culinary adventure.