Monday, June 15, 2009

Sate Udang

First day of vacation yesterday, let's get tropical! Lord knows it was humid like the tropics. I had some shrimp so I used them instead of prawns. I went to Thanh Binh Market to get some lemon grass for skewers, they had fresh prawns which I'll get next time. They looked awesome. Udang is Indonesian for prawn by the way. I think lobster an shrimp also but definitely prawns.

Soy sauce, molasses, minced garlic, ground coriander, fresh lime juice, palm sugar or light brown sugar, veggie oil. Whisk it all up till the sugar dissovles and marinate your prawns or shrimp for an hour or so. Trimmed the lemon grass stalks into oversize skewers then used a metal skewer to make a starter hole in the shrimp. The lemon grass imparted a very subtle yet wonderful peppery citrus hint to the shrimp and they really smelled great during the grilling. The better half whipped up a tasty citrus salad and I served up a few Coconaut's for a great meal.

Easy and delicious, try it!


Mr. T said...

Rockin' the Indo-tip on West A! Woohoo! Reminds me of some of the barbecue I used to eat in Malaysia. Good job dude.

Chris said...

Definitely have to use bigger prawns next time.

the DISH said...

the only problem with those shrimp is that they are not right in front of me, being piled into my watering mouth.