Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday night random crap

Are you ready for a nice holiday weekend? My employer decided not to be open tomorrow so I'm thrilled to have a full three days off to goof around. Being salaried, it won't affect my paycheck either way. Woo Hoo!

A few months ago I stumbled into the new Bishop Heights True Value hardware store just north of Shopko at 27th and Hwy 2. It's got a good selection and is fairly close to home. I went there for pool stuff but walked out with a huge bag of lump charcoal and a cool tiki torch lantern for the patio. I've since become hooked on this charcoal as it's pure hardwood which lights faster and burns hotter than briquettes. I don't think it lasts longer than the Kingsford but it sure do make the food taste good!

I grilled a couple steaks tonight and we toasted some new flavored marshmallows for a treat afterwards. The boy loves them and they're fat free. We had smores a couple days ago that were pretty rockin' as well.

I've picked up another of the tiki torches and they were both helping tonight as the skeeters were thick as thieves.

When more funds are available we plan on enlarging our deck for even more enjoyable evenings in the back yard. I ran across some cool solar tiki torches at Taylor gifts online and when the sun goes down it's pretty cool when they're lit up.